Get to Know Your 2017-18 Student Government Leaders

Members of United Student Government

South Seattle College’s student government, the United Student Association (USA), is an essential component of our campus community, and a voice for the needs and interests of all students at South. During Spring Quarter 2017, elections were held to appoint the next cohort of student government representatives, with over 620 students casting their ballots online and in-person.  We’re excited to introduce you to the eight student leaders that were voted to represent the 2017-18 student body. 

To meet and work with your elected officials in person, and share your concerns and ideas, be sure to attend a weekly USA meeting.  They are held every Wednesday at 2-3:30 p.m. in JMB Student Center 128. All students are welcome to attend! You can also follow USA on Facebook and Instagram for news, photos and videos showcasing student government work on campus.

Name: Angel Delker 
Student Government Position: President 
Hometown: Seattle, Wash. 
Area of Study: Social Work

I applied to the United Student Association because I wanted to get more involved at South Seattle College, but also to build my confidence and meet students on campus. I hope to get more students involved in USA by promoting USA members and their roles on campus, and connecting students to resources and student clubs. I also want expand the on-campus food pantry by bringing in fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

Angel Delker
Name: Tam Mai
Student Government Position: Vice President
Home Country: Vietnam
Area of Study: Computer Science

I have one more year before I finish my Associate of Science degree, so I joined because I wanted to help and contribute my knowledge and experiences to develop student life on our campus. Moreover, I want to build memories which I can remember and treasure forever at South Seattle College. That’s why I decided to run for USA’s Vice President position at South.
Tam Mai


Name: Zoza Batjargal 
Student Government Position: Issues and Concerns: Policy Officer
Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Area of Study: Neurosurgery 

I am your United Student Association Policy Officer. Here’s why I wanted to become a student government leader: I have been studying at South for 10 months, and I want to make changes at our school, especially helping students know where they can go for resources across campus. I want to make South more comfortable, safer and more fun!
Zoza Batjargal 


Name: Thalia Aki Beed
Student Government Position: Issues and Concerns: Equity & Diversity Officer
Hometown: South Seattle, Wash. 
Area of Study: Physical Therapy  

I chose to run for the specific position of Equity & Diversity Officer because I have plenty to learn about culture and equality myself. Being at South Seattle College, there are students and educators that come from so many different cultural backgrounds. I want to learn from them and assist them; it’s the perfect fit. My overall goal while I am in this position for the year is to create an understanding between students with different mindsets.  
Thalia Aki Beed


Name: Lucy To
Student Government Position: Sustainability Officer
Hometown: Seattle, Wash. 
Area of Study: Associate of Arts

I chose to run for this position in South's USA because I want to make an impact and help bring positive changes to our school. I believe that student voices are important. That's why I want to be a part of a team that will listen and connect students to the resources they need to be successful, both academically and personally. Some goals that I hope to accomplish during my time in student government are bringing back a designated prayer room for our Muslim students and expanding the cafeteria's menu to include more culturally relevant food, sustainable options and much more.
Lucy To


Name: Danny Le
Students Government Position: Public Relations Officer 
Home Country: Vietnam
Area of Study: Graphic Design

I chose to run for the Public Relations Officer position in South's USA because I want to deliver information about our Student Government for everyone at South. During my time in student government, I hope that I can accomplish many challenges and missions, and I will try my best to successfully contribute to this great association.

Danny Le


Name: Thao Yen Tran (Ellie)
Student Government Position: Secretary
Home Country: Vietnam
Area of Study: Nursing

I chose to run for Secretary in South’s USA because I want to connect the student body and let students know what is happening at South. I am a Student Government member, but I am also a student, so I can understand what they need. During my time in student government, I hope to be responsible for and complete many challenges and changes to South. I will help students know about student government where student concerns matter.
Ellie Tran


Name: Domonique Gordon
Student Government Position: Treasurer
Hometown: Bronx, New York 
Area of Study: Computer Science 

One of the many reasons I decided to run for a position in South’s USA is to not only support my fellow classmates, but to have a positive impact on our community. I believe with the help and support of everyone in South’s USA and the entire campus, we can create many changes for the better. I am a firm supporter of health, nutrition and fitness, and during my term I plan to find new and enjoyable ways to incorporate health and fitness into our everyday lives on campus. It’s difficult to be healthy in a world that revolves around convenience, but I know with USA’s support we can accomplish anything, one student at a time.

Domonique Gordon