Automotive Technology Building Renovation SEPA Determination of Non-Significance


Description of  Proposal

The  project  is  located on  the  existing  South Seattle College campus.    The  scope includes  a  full  building remodel  of  the  existing  concrete  structure  including all  systems  and  the building  envelope.   The courtyard of  the  existing  U  shapes  structure will  be  infilled with a new  two-story  steel  frame  construction.  The  finished building will  include shops,  classrooms,  administrative and support  space.    The construction extents  will  be limited to  the area  adjacent  to  the  building  as  existing  utilities  and services  are  available onsite.   New  paving  will  be provided at  the  access  drive and ADA  stalls  directly  in  front  of  the  building.   Pedestrian pathways  to the building  will  be improved and landscaping added.

Proponent  –  South  Seattle  College  (Seattle Colleges  District)

Location of  proposal  –  the proposed  project  is  located on  the  South  Seattle College campus  at  6000 16th Avenue SW,  Seattle,  WA  98106-1499

Lead  Agency  –  South Seattle College  (Seattle  Colleges  District)

The  lead agency  for  this  proposal  has  determined  that  it  does  not  have a probable significant  adverse impact  on  the environment.   An  environmental  impact  statement  (EIS)  is  not  required under  RCW 43.21C.030  (2)  (c).  This  decision was  made after  review  of  a completed  environmental  checklist  and other  information  on  file  with the  lead agency,  including  the  programmatic  EIS  for  the College’s  Major Institution Master  Plan.    This  information is  available to  the  public  on  request.   This  DNS  is  issued under  WAC  197011-340  (2);  the lead agency  will  not  act  on  this  proposal  for  14  days from  the date below.   Comments  must  be  submitted to  the  Responsible  Official  at  the address  below  by 14 days  after  the  date  below.  


Responsible Official: Rosannette  Rimando-Chareunsap

Position/Title: President

Contact: Karen Herndon,  Capital  Projects,  206.934.6424

Address: 6000 16th  Avenue SW,  Seattle,  WA  98106-1499


Pursuant  to  the  Seattle  Colleges  District  procedure No.  210.10-.060 and  Washington Administrative Code Chapter  132F-108,  this  decision may  be  appealed within twenty  (20)  days  to  the  Board  of Trustees,  Seattle  College District,  1600 Harvard  Avenue,  Seattle  WA  98122.   Application  forms  are available at  the  office of  the Board of  Trustees.