Student Art Spotlight: "Pandemonium" by Taylor M'kenzie

Editor's Note: South Seattle College Student Taylor M'kenzie is pursuing her Associate of Arts degree with a focus on psychology.  Taylor says the following poem was "written and inspired by the 2020 summer protests and quarantine."  Thank you for sharing your art with our college community, Taylor!  This poem is shared in its unedited form to honor the author's vision. 


by Taylor M'kenzie

When night falls, she gives her heart permission to feel nothing

streams dance their way down her canvas from which she perceives this world,

she say she’s poetic magnetic, nobody wants you anywhere black girl, black sister, black

mother, black daughter, black women that target on your back you longed only wished belonged

to your brothers,

ABIKU live to die and die to live FUCK I really hate being this black, seeing this black

believing this revolution back on the backs of old bones decorated with the bodies of our

ancestors…… They ain’t my babies but they my black babies, blues commit sins to complex

complexions, take our breaths claim their stake on our necks, binding it to the concrete my heart

beat stands upon, awoken never truly been able to be that kind this kind of spoken, who got my

back who got em in that final test, we refuse to rest not never hoping for not knowing about them

three little just one mores……