Congratulations Student Art Award Winners

Congratulations to South Seattle College students Duong Thuy Bui and Fennie Doan who recently won awards at the national 2019-2020 League of Innovation's Student Art Awards Competition! Duong Thuy Bui was chosen as "Best in Show" for her ceramic piece, “Preserve.” Fennie Doan was chosen for a "Jurors' Choice Award" for her digital illustration, “Four Occupations in Vietnam 1900s.” South Seattle College students have now won the “Best in Show” category two years in a row! 

Both students will also receive a cash prize, certificate of recognition, and have their work published in the League's Student Art Competition publication. 

We asked Duong and Fennie about what this award means to them, and the inspiration behind their work. 

Ceramic teapot


  • Artist: Duong Thuy Bui
  • Best of Show Award: 2020 League for Innovations Student Art National Competition
  • Title of Artwork: Preserve
  • Medium: Glazed Ceramics
  • Size: 7.5” H x 7” W x 6” D

Why did you choose to create this piece?

I did the body first and made the handle, the bottom and the tap, then I put it together. I did all the sculpture at the end. I glazed them and painted the handle with nail polish. I chose this piece because it looked different from other historical pots that I found, and I always like to do something more difficult.

Does your art represent anything special to you? 

Art is really meaningful for me, and this is the first ceramic piece I've made in my life. 

What does winning the "Best of Show" Award for "Preserve" mean to you? 

It means a lot for me, and I never thought that I can win any reward in America. I really appreciate all the help from my professors, Jen Mills and Thomas Green. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to my great professors.

Digital drawing


  • Artist: Fennie Doan
  • Jurors' Choice Award: 2020 League for Innovations Student Art National Competition 
  • Title of Artwork: Four Occupations in Vietnam 1900s
  • Medium: Digital Illustration
  • Size: 2000 x 2000 pixels

Why did you choose to create this piece?

Fennie Doan
Fennie Doan, Jurors' Choice Award Winner. 

As an international student, my home country is always in my heart, and that was the reason I chose "Four Occupations in Vietnam 1900s" to create this year.

In the 1900s in Vietnam, there were four occupations or four categories of people. These were occupation classifications used in ancient Vietnam by mostly Confucian scholars. The Shi were the first class who were gentry scholars. The Nong were the peasant farmers. The Gong were artisans and craftsmen. And finally, the Shang were merchants and traders. Scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants; each of the four peoples had their respective profession. 

Does your art represent anything special to you? 

I had the idea concept for a few years ago and started to create it as a piece of artwork for my portfolio. Using only three basic natural color schemes, red, yellow, and green, to represent the simplicity and Vietnamese spirit.