Artist as Storyteller: Community Showcase

Artist as Storyteller

All South Seattle College students, staff, faculty and community members are invited to the Community Showcase on June 8, 2021, beginning at 1 p.m., to come together, share ideas and reflect on this season's theme and answer questions about the ideas presented in our artist conversations. This is the final event in our Artist as Storyteller speaker series

We look forward to sharing space, art, and exchanging stories with all of you in celebration of this season's guest artists and the theme of "Adaptation, Resiliency, and Environmental Justice." The Community Showcase conversation will be led by our Artist as Storyteller student facilitators, as well as faculty organizers. 

Visit the Artist as Storyteller website to catch up on all the amazing conversations this season including full recordings of our virtual conversations. 

Download our digital flier to share.

Meet Our Community Showcase Student Facilitators

Michell Rodriguez was born in Honduras and moved to Seattle in 2014, when she was 15-years-old. After graduating from Highline High School in Burien, Michell enrolled at South Seattle College, where she will complete her Associates Degree in Business this year. In the fall, Michell plans to enroll at Green River to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Business Management with the goal of eventually opening her own business. When she’s not studying, Michell enjoys perfecting her make-up skills and listening to Bad Bunny.

Felix Bosques Harima is a musician and South Seattle College student of Japanese and Puerto Rican ancestry. He has been self-taught with the guitar for over 11 years, and has a musical focus ranging from acoustic fingerstyle to heavy metal. Felix is studying for a degree in the business field so that he can have the knowledge and experience to one day start-up a record label focusing on the musical and creative development of the underserved youth in the community.

Mozaia (Momo) Walton. Momo is a student at South Seattle College and she takes pride in bonding with family and traveling around the world. She loves to cook and learn about different cultures. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology in hopes to start her own clinic helping children as well as adults live a happier life. 

Krisna Mandujano is a recent South Seattle College alumnus. She was born in Chiapas, Mexico, and spent most of her childhood living undocumented in the U.S. These experiences have strengthened her passion for community organizing. In response to the pandemic, Krisna started a rental assistance fund to help the undocumented Latinx community. She plans to dedicate her life to public service and learn more about how to make a change through ARTivism. 

Chau Luong has been a student at South Seattle College for three years. She is working to finish her final quarter at SSC and will transfer to the University of Washington, Tacoma, to pursue a bachelor's degree in Accounting this fall. She loves Vietnamese opera, Vietnamese country music and all different kinds of music from around the world. She trained as an opera singer in Vietnam before moving to the U.S. Since moving to the U.S. Chau has performed in the Seattle and Portland areas. She is now living on Vashon Island and plans to pursue a career in Accounting or open a Vietnamese restaurant on the island.

Jules Cress is a queer student from Southern California. She spent 4 years in the US Navy where she got her certification in cryogenics and became fluent in Russian, and is now using the GI bill to study political science. She has experience as a queer youth advisor with the Boys and Girls club, and has worked closely with Black Lives Matter to seek justice for the wife of a black veteran that was murdered by police in 2018. Her hopes for the future are to attain equity for minority communities and improve the political climate in the US. Other hobbies include graphic design, photography, professional video editing, and spending time with her beautiful girlfriend and kitty cat.