Foundation Scholarships Now Available

Three students walking near University Center Scholarship promotional logo

Each year, the Seattle Colleges Foundation and South Seattle Colleges Foundation award hundreds of student scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to incoming, current, international, and transferring students. This year, both foundations have partnered to create one application for all scholarship opportunities. The application is open from February 14 through April 15, 2020. If awarded, the scholarship will be applied to a student's 2020-2021 school year at South Seattle College.  

How do I apply?  


All applications are submitted online. By completing one application, you automatically apply for the majority of our available scholarships. You may be prompted to submit additional information to qualify for specific scholarship opportunities. 

When should I apply?  

The Foundation scholarship application opens on February 14, 2019 and the deadline is April 15, 2020.  

Are there things I can do to prepare in advance? 

Yes! Two big things: 

  • Contact your prospective references. It is a great time to start identifying who would be good references to give you positive feedback to your efforts. Ideally, at least one reference will be a South faculty or staff member.  
  • Obtain unofficial transcripts for your past work in college or high school.  

Scholarship Tip: References & Scholarship FAQs 

The application requires a submission of two references. Your recommenders will submit their references through an online portal. Get started now in securing your references. Check out the Seattle Colleges Foundation FAQ sheet for additional information. 

Are these the only scholarships I can apply for?  

No, students are not limited to Seattle Colleges Foundation Scholarships. We encourage you to apply to external scholarships as well.  

What support is available in completing my application?    

We will be hosting workshops and drop-in appointments will be available, more information to come. 

One-on-one support will be available by appointment. Meetings can be held by phone, by video conference, and in person. To schedule an appointment, please email with your name, your campus (North, Central, South) and your availability.  

For additional support, email Please include your name, campus and contact information.